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NDatabase comparison to other .net object databases

Here you can find the comparison to another object databases in a simple use case:
  • db4o for .net v8
  • NeoDatis.Net v1.9 beta 6 - unfortunately it contains a bug and you cannot instantiate class without default constructor and with validation in ctor. Changed implementation of warrior there.

Skipped projects:
  • PerstEmbeddedDatabase for .net - strange API, Deallocate for removing object?, requires to use Perst related data structures what is unwanted in this case.
  • Execom IOG database for .NET - it was painful to create an example in the same manner as for the above databases, so I skipped this framework. It forces your code to use IOG related data structure what is unwanted in this case.
  • HSS Database - you can store only public class members, unwanted behavior. There is even more restrictions, check model page

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