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UAP support

I noted that version 3.8.0 is not compatible with UAP version v10.0 when using NuGet to add the package to my project. Is this by design, are will this be changed in a later version?

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Exception after Rollback

I tried to use InMemory mode for NDatabase, but the problem is that after rollback is done I get an Exception and database becomes unusable. Iin this post you said that database should be reopene...

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Is NDatabase Dead?

I see issues going back to last year that have not been addressed or even commented on. It looks like a very nice library, but it's hard to commit to an OS project that is no longer actively maint...

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Store is inserting duplicates instead of updating

My issue is that NDatabase does not detect my object reference after closing and reopening the IOdb, which causes it to try to insert a duplicate instead of performing and update. Scenario #1 - ...

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Database corruption

Newer version of the application uses following class to store into database public class DBObject { public string Name { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } } public void ...

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Constrain query does not work until after QueryAndExecute

Constrain query does not correctly work until after another query is done. Code below reproduces this issue. using NDatabase; using System; namespace NDatabaseTest { internal class Test { publ...

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Can't delete indexed items after defragmentation

I have a database that uses a UniqueIndex. Deleting an object with a unique index works as expected until I defragment the database. After I defragment the database, I get the error: Error:273:I...

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Oid mapping example crashes when storing multiple objects

I'm using NDatabase 3.8 and I wanted to use ids generated by the database so I tried the example from the documentation (chapter 4.15). I tried both with long and with OID object and in both cases...

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ICollection <T> support for contains constraints.

As ICollection<T> does not implement ICollection, properties of this type cannot be used with contains constraints (although some concrete classes implement both ICollection<T> and ICollection and ...

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Query does not use index for NULL values

for 100.000 Objects and an index on name for a class Query: Where(x => x.Name=="James") returns in 40 msec Where(x => x.Name!=null && x.Name=="James") takes 920 msec Trying a query Whe...

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