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NDatabase Exceptions

NDatabase uses an application exception to handle errors : NDatabase.Odb.ODBRuntimeException

The constructor of ODBRuntimeException handles an instance of NDatabase.Odb.Core.IError which describes the reason of exception.

There exist two types of Error:
  • Internal error
  • User Error
The NDatabase.Odb.Core.NDatabaseError class contains all predefined error types which could appear in NDatabase.

More Specific NDatabase Exceptions

Additionally, NDatabase defines 4 more specific exception types:
  • BTreeException - exception particular for BTree implementation in NDatabase
  • BTreeNodeValidationException - exception caused by validation error in BTrees engine
  • DuplicatedKeyException - derives from BTreeException, it is used by Unique Indexes when duplicated key is inserted into index
  • CorruptedDatabaseException - exception raised when database file corruption is discovered
  • LinqQueryException - appears if during Linq Query execution the exception will appear

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