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LinqPad for NDatabase sample


Install static driver

  • Open LinqPad, then click “Add Connection”, the following dialog appears:
  • Clicks “View More Drivers”, the following dialog appears:
  • Click the “Browse" button and import a ndatabaselinqpaddriver_3.lpx file. Once clicked, the driver will become visible in the previous dialog, and you can create new NDatabase connection.

Configure sample

  • Unpack somewhere
  • NDatabase.Northwind.Domain.dll contains schema classes, which were used to store objects and additionally, it contains typed data context NDatabase.Northwind.Domain.NDatabaseNorthwindDataContext which will allow LinqPad to query NDatabase norhtwind db
  • Set in NDatabase.Northwind.Domain.dll.config path to northwind.ndb (full path is needed)

Add new connection

  • Open LinqPad, then click “Add Connection”
  • Choose NDatabase static driver
  • Click "Next", and use below settings:
    • set path to NDatabase.Northwind.Domain.dll
    • choose NDatabase.Northwind.Domain.NDatabaseNorthwindDataContext type
    • set path to NDatabase.Northwind.Domain.dll.config
  • After clicking "OK", connection is ready to use

Run queries

  • Run the command from screen. You can replace "Names" with any value from the below result

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jhayes2118 Feb 26, 2014 at 8:03 AM 
Just FYI. None of the links at the top actually contain the required .lpx file.