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NDatabase Origin

Firstly, I want to thanks Olivier Smadja for his work on NeoDatis java version. He did a great job and based on that I could create a NDatabase C# project.

Project derives from NeoDatis ODB project. The .net version of this project was never released (as the stable version). The work is based on NeoDatis.Net 1.9-beta6 code, which you can find there. Documentation about NeoDatis could be found here.

NDatabase was radically changed in comparison to NeoDatis.Net code base, but still the core architecture is live here.

  • lot of bug fixes
  • fixing & updating unit tests
  • using more & more power of C# instead of using generic solutions between Java & C#
  • remove unwanted things like Client/Server functionality (NDatabase is focused on embedded solution).
  • updated documentation which fits to the C# world
  • all queries are polymorphic
  • API improvements
  • performance improvements
  • and more and more, with the time the amount of changes will increase

You need to remember, that this both solutions are not compatible and the File Format could be different for both.

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